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Weimar & Back 


Backed by a Jazz trio, Weimar and back is a show devised and performed by Melinda Hughes taking a then-and-now journey through Weimar Cabaret, bringing alive songs by celebrated Jewish composers such as Kurt Weil, Mischa Spolianksy, Werner Heymann and Friedrich Hollaender. These songs are juxtaposed with newly written satirical songs by Jeremy Limb and Melinda Hughes. 

A wealth of diverse music was written during the late 20's and into 1930's depression amidst a cultural, intellectual surge of creativity and Germany on the brink of war. Music is interspersed with excerpts from the 1938 “Entartete Musik” (forbidden music) pamphlet and Christopher Isherwood’s “Goodbye to Berlin” the inspiration for the film Cabaret, making this unique show not only hugely entertaining but also educational.

"Melinda Hughes is the newest exponent of the Weimar spirit in music and the certainly the most personable"

Barry Humphries.