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MARGO Half Woman, Half Beast

Margo is the story of Margo Lion, the French ballet dancer who in 1921 travelled from Constantinople to Berlin to attend The Russian School of Ballet. Instead she was gripped by the fever of the Berlin cabaret scene. There she met and married Marcellus Schiffer, the leading lyricist of the day. Together they performed music by Friedrich Hollaender and Mischa Spolianksy in Berlin’s nightclubs and theatres. 

Their tempestuous bi-sexual relationship was fuelled by alcohol, cocaine, and jealousy. In 1933 with the rise of the Nazi party, Marcellus (who was Jewish) committed suicide. Margo fled to Paris where she continued to work as an actress until her death in 1989.


Directed by Sarah Sigal. 

Written by Melinda Hughes 

Music by Mischa Spolianksy, Friedrich Hollander, Kurt Weil, Werner R. Heyman, 

 Jeremy Limb & Melinda Hughes

Margo premiers at JW3 on June 19th 2018

Margo is at The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Fringe 3-18 August 2018 


Where a stolperstein stands - one of the newly written songs that appears in MARGO